Accoya modified timber


Accoya is an innovative timber species for home improvements and is the most advanced modified timber available. The product provides unrivalled durability.


What makes Accoya different?


Accoya is a modified timber created by the acetylation process. This patented technology allows the timber to be weather resistant, resilient to rot and to remain strong for many years to come. The process prevents water absorbtion in the wood, thereby preventing shrinking, swelling and decay. The process doesn’t add anything to the wood that isn’t already naturally occurring and therefore means that no toxins are released into the environment. Accoya timber is always obtained from sustainable sources and is recyclable and is therefore environmentally friendly. The strength and durability of Accoya makes it ideal for coating and the colour lasts twice as long as other timbers. This makes the product ideal for homeowners who want to customise their new orangeries, conservatorys and windows.




The impressive performance of Accoya matches or exceeds that of tropical hardwoods and it is rigorously tested for quality. The product is naturally insulating, with a high strength to weight ratio, and makes for optimum window, door or conservatory frames.




The product is guaranteed for 50 years above ground and for 25 years in the ground or freshwater.



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